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    Medium Corrugating Paper

    Tan Phat Paper Company is a specialist in recycling waste paper and manufacturing medium corrugating paper, which is used to make the corrugated layer or the inner layer of carton boxes.

    Product Features

    Diameter: 115-125 cm

    Basic Weight
    (g/m2) ± 4%
    Moister Content
    Bursting Strength
    ≥ 2
    ≥ 2,2
    ≥ 2,5

    Carton Box

    Tan Phat Paper Company is a supplier of packaging and shipping supplies serving national and export demand.

    Tan Phat’s boxes vary in structures (3-5-7 layers), sizes, colors, and prints. Tan Phat’s boxes can be customized following customers’ request.

    We proudly serve products of various industry, for example, flowers, vegetables, wine, tiles, dragon fruits, etc.